Build Season Week 2-3 Blog Post

Posted on: Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:17 By: chasemorse1

    On Saturday, January 4th we participated in the FIRST Robotics kickoff event which revealed the goal of this year's competition challenge, titled “Infinite Recharge”. Participants robots will collect special foam balls, called power cells, and deliver them to a target that has three different goals, for three different point values.  Also as part of the challenge there is a spinning color wheel that needs to be set to a predetermined color and finally the robots need to climb up onto an elevated rocker switch bar and hang off the ground, while working with your teammates to keep the movable bar level. 


Our build team has been hard at work testing and designing different parts of the robot, while communications has started cutting and pressing buttons. In the beginning this proved difficult, but with practice and repetition, we could really get the train going. Build team has been busy perfecting an effective, reliable, and fast mechanism to shoot power cells into the second level. Coding has been nonstop testing to ensure these mechanisms work during competition as well. Check out the picture above of our build team testing the current shooting mechanism!