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Hello from Whiteford Robotics Team 6570!

Our team is made of students that include footballStudent repairs the robot. champions, track and cross-country athletes, band and choir members, and more! Coaches and mentors help students build STEM skills, learn networking and communication techniques, and become leaders while balancing many different roles. Together they make up several small groups that compete in FIRST Robotics Competitions. These groups include our build team, programming team, drive team, and marketing team.

Our build team designs and builds the bot using several different machines in our Robotics Lab. This team is crucial for repair on the bot after taking a hard hit during competitions and making adjustments to perform better for upcoming matches.

The programming team uses the hardware the build team creates to bring the robot to life! With cameras and sensors, the robot will drive itself using autonomous mode. This team focuses on perfecting our swerve drive and autonomous systems and also makeup parts of the drive team during competitions.

The marketing team is responsible for designing spirit wear and the pit at competitions, communications with sponsors and our community, social media content, providing support during matches, and more. Students on this team particularly enjoy creating team swag that is given away at competitions. Members cheer for the team, scout other teams learning strengths and weaknesses, and pass on useful information for our lead strategist.

These students work together to succeed in competitive matches and build life skills.


Our History

Founded in 2017, our core values are teamwork, creativity, and persistence. In District Competitions we regularly finish in the top ten. In 2019 we qualified for the State Championship for the first time. We went on to qualify again in 2024 and this time we packed up our team and headed to Saginaw for a fierce competition. In 2023 we were able to relocate in the school and now have a robotics lab located at Whiteford High School.


About FIRST Robotics

  • FIRST is a global nonprofit founded in 1989.
  • There are over 500 active teams registered in the state of Michigan.
  • Teams compete in two district competitions that take place over a three-day period and earn State Qualifying points.
  • Sucess at the State level leads to a World's competition that typically takes place in Houston, TX.