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Hello Robotics Fans!

We are excited to share our accomplishments so far this season. We have completed our two district competitions and are in a strong position to qualify for states.

We are delighted to inform you that our team excelled at both of our competitions. We ranked 6th during qualification rounds out of 40 teams in both of our competitions. Our alliance achieved third place during the playoffs, also in both of our competitions.

Rolling the robot

During our first competition in Jackson, we learned a lot of our robot’s weaknesses. Despite some challenges of week one, we managed to achieve a high ranking in qualification rounds. We went on to become an alliance captain and ended with a strong finish in the semi-finals. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students.

Robot ClimbDuring our short time between competitions, we were able to make some adjustments and upgrades to our bot to prevent some of the problems we encountered at our first competition.

We arrived at Belleville, our second competition, strong and ready to go. We managed to achieve a 6th place ranking during qualification matches, the same as our first comp. We were picked by the 5th ranked team to participate in their alliance. Our alliance managed a semi-final finish, just like our first competition.



After the conclusion of both competitions, our team has 87 district points. We are confident that we will qualify for states this year. We couldn’t have achieved this without the hard work and dedication of our students, parents, mentors, and our gracious sponsors. We are excited to present you more news about states once we have it.

Robotics Pit Crew

Best regards,

Whiteford Robotics