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Hey Robotics fans!


Team 6570 has been diligently preparing for the 2024 Crescendo competition season. We're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase our skills at the upcoming tournament, and we hope you share in our excitement! This year's competition presented several challenges for the team, all of which we have successfully navigated.

Our scoring strategy involves manipulating rigid rubber rings. Like in years past, this game features a climbing aspect, which is presenting a unique challenge to the build team. Designing and fabricating something to meet this task may be tricky, but they are working diligently to finalize this important aspect of the build. Additionally, the build team has welcomed a significant influx of new members; veterans, along with our exceptional alumni mentors and parents, have done an excellent job of mentoring these newcomers in the realm of robotics, thus ensuring a promising future for the team.

The coding team has encountered various challenges throughout the build phase, with their primary obstacle being the implementation of an elite autonomous mode for the bot. This year, autonomous is predicted to be a separating factor between good teams and great teams. Now more than ever, programming a good autonomous (ideally a four piece scoring autonomous) is a large goal of ours. Through persistent effort over this and last year's practice cycle, code team is close to realizing this aspiration. Given our prediction that Crescendo will demand even more advanced autonomous play than previous games, the incorporation of our precise, high-level coding positions us favorably for success this year.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team mentors, parents, sponsors, and the broader Bobcat community for their unwavering support. Your generosity enables us to reach our full potential and achieve remarkable accomplishments.


Enjoy the season, 

-Team 6570