Build Season Week 6 Blog Post

Posted on: Thu, 02/20/2020 - 16:58 By: chasemorse1

      Welcome to another blog post! There is quite a bit to catch up on so let’s get right to it. Communications has been working to get content for the first YouTube video. We are in the process of interviewing the different teams in order to get updates and peeks into the things they do on an average day. We have also managed to make over 250 buttons for the first competition. The build team has successfully constructed a working prototype of the robot. They are working to refine the robot and to complete the climber. They have finished assembly of the shooter, chassis, and active intake. This has allowed the drive team to start practicing and get reps in so they are prepared for competition. Meanwhile, coding has been working on coding the robot for the autonomous portion of the matches. Check out the picture above of our robot. Our first competition is only two weeks away so stay tuned!