9-23-2020 FIRST Michigan Competition Updates

Posted on: Wed, 09/23/2020 - 12:23 By: jeremygapp

FIRST announced that the Detroit Championship is being pushed out to the summer. We are poised for a different, but amazing, 2021 FRC season. Here is a glimpse of what the season will look like in Michigan:




We will be playing the same game as last year. You can use the same robot or modify it in any way you like. Rookies from last year will still be considered rookies this season with regards to the point system.


District Competitions (as of now)

1. Our competitions will begin the last weekend in February (as they always do) and end the last weekend in April. This is 2 weeks longer than usual.

2. Events will be much smaller with 12-18 teams instead of 40.

3. The number of attendees will be limited. There will be no spectators and only a handful of people from a single team. The exact number will be determined closer to the event, based on state-mandated gathering numbers.

4. Events will start and finish in a single day, including playoffs.

5. Judging will be remote.

6. The number of volunteers needed at a single event will be greatly reduced.

7. Social distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitization rules will be in effect at all competitions.



We are looking to establish HUBS around the state where fields will be erected before our first week of competition at the end of Feb and stay up until the end of April. Each HUB would host many single-day events. Minimizing field set up and tear down will decrease the risk to our volunteers