Team 6570 First District Playoff Appearance

Posted on: Mon, 03/16/2020 - 10:35 By: jeremygapp

The following is a letter written by our communications team students to let you know what we've been up to thanks to your generous support!  Sadly due to the COVID-19, our season has since been effectively cancelled.  We will follow up once we have direction.

Milford District Robotics Team 6570

We are so excited to be able to share with you an update on our first District Event that was held at Milford HS, March 5-7th.  The District Event is broken into 3 phases: robot inspection and pit set up on Thursday evening, qualifying matches for placement and individual team points on Friday and Saturday morning, and alliance selection and playoffs Saturday afternoon. 

There were some amazing teams competing at the Milford event and we needed to be able to stand out among these other talented teams if we were to make our goal of being selected for the playoffs on Saturday.  Our first few matches our robot did not perform exactly to our expectations, we were having a little difficulty with our autonomous operation and our climber was not performing as we hoped. It would have been easy to give up and say that we would try again at our next District Event, but that is not the Whiteford Bobcat way.  We dug deep into our team values of Creativity, Persistence, Excellence and Teamwork; and in the short spaces between the qualifying matches our team was able to use that Creativity and Persistence to redesign, reengineer, rebuild and recode our climbing mechanism. By the fourth qualifying match we were able to demonstrate our value of Excellence by debuting an entirely new climber that worked 100% of the times attempted.  Our entire team was able to pull together to make this amazing result happen.  

Not only were our Build and Coding teams living our core values, but also our Strategy and Drive teams were as well.  Our Strategy team was able to collect real-time data on all the teams competing at the tournament and feed that information to our Drive team, so that they could make immediate corrections to game strategy to maximize our robots effectiveness on the field.  

Because of the high level of performance by our team and our robot we are so happy to let you know that we made our first District Event goal of delivering a successful robot and being selected to compete in the playoffs. It has been an amazing season so far, we wanted to once again express our thanks to you for your generous support of Whiteford Bobcats Robotics Team 6570, without you, none of this amazing story would have been able to happen. 

Thank you again!
WHS Robotics 6570