Build Season Week 4 Blog Post

Posted on: Thu, 01/30/2020 - 15:57 By: chasemorse1

      At the beginning of the year, our team made specific deadlines to accomplish certain goals. One of these goals was to have a functioning robot by February 8th, and our team has worked hard to accomplish this. We have created an intake and a powercell shooter, but are still trying to attach these mechanisms to our robot. Coding has been able to get the two motors needed up to speed at a specific rpm and keep it steady. This allows the robot to shoot power cells at a consistent rate. Meanwhile, build team was able to complete the chassis and has now started to cut some things down and work on putting everything together. They have also started to rebuild the robot cart to make it more efficient and ready for the competition season. Communications has continued pressing out buttons and began to design the team pit banner.